Copper Coffee Pot (Cezve) - 3 Cups

Copper Coffee Pot (Cezve) - 3 Cups
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Copper Coffee Pot (Cezve) - 3 Cups

Traditional coffee brewing pot, #3 size (MEDIUM).
Solid copper container, tin lined inside. Brass handle.
Makes 3 cups of traditional espresso size (65 ml / 2.2 fl oz) coffee.

Weight 95g/3.3oz
Volume  200ml / 7 fl oz
Height of pot (inches) 2.875"
Width of pot (inches) 2.875" at bottom

Handmade in Turkey. The measurements above are approximate, as each
piece is individually made by hand, one at a time.

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In Turkish, called kahve ibrigi or cezvesi (search term, ibrik, cezve, Turk Kahvesi).